Paving the road for AT&T: Canada at the Crossroads (1997)

March 13, 2010

Position Paper by Marita Moll to:

Universal Access Workshop
Developing a Canadian Access Strategy:
Universal Access to Essential Network Services, February 6-8, 1997

Information Policy Research Program
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto


The Canadian government must rediscover its commitment to Canadian communications by firmly entrenching, in legislation and regulations, a universal service strategy which supports accessible and affordable communications services for all Canadians. The strategy recommended creates a pool of resources to be used to meet universal service needs in communications and makes contributing to those resources a condition of doing business in Canada. In addition, it is recommended that a National Communications Access Board be established to distribute resources to communities as needed, and that similar boards be created within communities to create and manage communications resources at the local level. There should be no change in regulations governing foreign levels of communications industries until a universal service strategy is in place.